Why should have a Website?

It Builds Your Credibility

When it comes to convincing consumers to buy, first impressions are most important. Fifty-seven percent of people won’t recommend a business with no website or a poorly designed mobile site. That’s right, consumers make judgments about your business based on the appearance of your website and online platforms.

Having a professionally designed, well thorough, and easy-to-use website can help you to more easily convey to potential customers that you are a reputable organization, one they want to do business with.

You Need to Be Discoverable in Search Engine Results

People don’t just browse social media to discover companies they want to do business with. They mostly visit search engines. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. And nearly half of these searches are for local businesses.

Your Competitors Probably Have One

While 36 percent of small businesses don’t have their own website, 64 percent of them do. It means that the majority of small businesses DO have a presence online, and it’s likely that your competitors have a website that is appealing to people in your area.

If you want to stay relevant and competitive within your field, it’s important that your business have a footprint online—it not only helps you stay competitive, but it also helps cement your role as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy business.

Increase Your Brand Image

Website is the bestst place to hone your brand—using your specific aesthetic, vocabulary, and more—it’s the ideal forum for you to shape the narrative about your company.

Social media pages (like Facebook) and peer review sites (like Yelp) allow your company’s image to be shaped via input from the public—this can be helpful but doesn’t always paint the picture you would prefer to see. By creating and managing your company website and content, you get to paint the picture of your business. 

“Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting”

— Jay Conrad Levinson

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